Friday, July 18, 2008

Make all US electricity from renewable sources

Al Gore is trying to regain some fame with his latest statement: We need to make all US energy come from renewable sources in 10 years.

This statement once again shows that he truly knows nothing about energy or the environment. Not only is his plan impossible, it is technically unfeasible at our current energy consumption. We are having problems supplying the energy needed at our current level or production. If Gore wants to truly help the environment, he needs to follow the following steps.

1) Convince oil companies to invest more in alternate fuels. These companies have some of the largest amounts of profit that there is in the market today. Investing 1 million here or there doesn't help. Nor does 16 billion dollar profits in their pockets while America pays for it.

2) Convince environmental activist to allow the construction of new efficient clean power plants. They can build one with nearly no CO emissions, generate more power, then the current plants.

3) Support energy efficiency standards. We need to get people making inefficient products to be held accountable and clean up the strain on the grid.

4) Educate with real data and facts, not information made up in his head. Some people are hardened against the word climate change and global warming. Talk to their wallets, not their sense of responsibility.

5) Point out the ways people can currently cut back and save.

There is no way we can be off the current grid without massive changes. Technology is increasing yearly, but the amount of energy this country consumes is astronomical and growing. With hybrid cars on the rise, their charge cycle is more strain on an already over-burdened grid. People need to accept responsibility for their actions. Talk to local utilities and find ways you can save energy, and money and do it!

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