Thursday, April 29, 2010

Help Americans with a Credit Act

All these bailouts and reforms keep getting passed and yet middle and lower America still struggles. Banks have money to lend, but now nobody is good enough to borrow money.

The majority of Americans have no idea what their credit score is, what makes a negative account, what makes a positive note, and how to fix or increase their mysterious credit score.

So lawmakers, how about you tackle this one. Make effective immediately free credit reports on demand to all Americans, with their score listed. This paying for what is being judged against us is wrong. Not once a year, not twice a year, but any time we want to see them. Its our scores, our records, we have the right to see what the villainous evil bankers and credit industry are doing to us.

Now, lets go one step further. In our credit report(oh, and only 1, having 3 different ones is a waste of time and money) beside each and every account there is a description of what that account is doing to our score, what can be done to improve that account, or what needs to be avoided.

The credit industry needs fixed, here is all it takes. Let us see what they see, and let us know how the numbers add up. Simplified for all Americans from all backgrounds. Once Americans can see their report, see their score go up, know what to do and how to fix it, you will then see banks loaning money and Americans spending money. But not the Americans of yesterday. The new American who is savvy and understands and can view their report at anytime.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Immigration Law in Arizona

People are in an uproar because of the new immigration law in Arizona. What people are not realizing is because of the drug wars, the drug and human trafficking; any border town is a nightmare and an unsafe place at the moment. The administration is not doing anything to prevent illegals from entering this country.

I have no problem with people who want to come to America; however, all I ask is that you take the time to do it legally. I am fully aware of how bad the situation is on the other side, but at the risk of sounding jaded or cold, that’s not the concern of the border state governors. Their main concern is keeping their residents safe.

The biggest concern is so called “racial profiling”. Now, if police or border patrol went up and arrested every person with Latin descent without due cause that would be a crime and a violation of the very rights we have as American citizens. Asking for identification is not a violation of your rights.

As Americans, we want safety and security, but we forget that its not always easy to achieve. We are soft and complacent. If the federal government would do something about illegal immigrants, states wouldn’t have too. Arizona is looking out for their own since the feds won’t.

Let’s look at something else. Because of 9/11 every American who flies has to provide identification, submit to all sorts of degrading searches, and even be treated like a criminal. Some people grumble, but in their hearts they feel safer.

So why do the legal Mexicans in Arizona not feel safer because of this identification process?

Why the outrage over this? And is there really a true outrage or is it just another speaking point or political point. It was ignored until the law passed. How many people knew about the drug wars, drug trafficking and human trafficking that was going on before this bill passed. How many still don’t?

This is another sign of our failing government.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Political Nightmares

Attention politicians. Your games are getting old and tiresome. Why push for bi-partisanship if you refuse to listen? Why attempt to talk if your ears are closed?

Republicans, why automatically shoot down every idea without talking to the people who put you there? Your counter ideas for the most part are weak and unimaginative. You go with the "at least its not a democrats idea" ploy that has repeatedly failed.

Democrats, why assume your way is the only way and ignore all other ideas? Why the arrogance?

Mr. President, why are you so arrogant and refuse to see both sides? After 8 years of Mr Bush and his smug smile, it really doesn't sit well with most Americans to have another arrogant President.

Why can you two parties not sit down, look at the end goal, and discuss how to get there. Currently we have wall street financial reform, and immigration laws on the desk. Lets start with financial reform. Both parties agree that it is needed, so there is your common ground.

American people don't want any more bailouts that do not directly benefit the American people. Giving money to financial institutions did not help small business to not fail, or people to keep their homes, or any other resolution for the average American. It helped the banks and wall street only. So, listen to the people, no more bailouts.

There are so many over priced services and products right now, most Americans cannot afford to live, never mind invest or purchase. From the basics to the extravagent, there is problems in every corner.

Gas/Transportation: Why are we paying $3/gal again? Why do our vehicles not take advantage of technology to improve gas mileage? Ford is doing it with a V6 310 hp, 30mpg Mustang next year. The technology is there, car makers need to utilize it. And car prices, holy cow they are overpriced. How about we do to imports what they do to our cars? Tax the hell out of them so we buy American? How about we give car makers an incentive to build cars here? Give them tax breaks to build plants here and pay workers competitive salaries. Yes, tax breaks. You hire Americans, give them a good salary, and they will spend. Oh yes, they will spend.

Communications: Cell phone technology. Enough is enough. Cut out the contracts, cut out the overpriced services, put in incentives to recycle the old phones. They shouldn't be able to nickle and dime you to death.

Food: Remove the taxes on food. Country wide. Give farmers help and tax breaks, keep it American! Remove taxes on seeds, fertilizer and other farming related goods.

Taxes: While we are on the subject, taxes. Nobody, regardless of their income should be paying more then 15% taxes to the government. We work for it, the more money we have the more we spend. The more you take, the more we resent. In my opinion, here is how taxes should break out.

Food: No tax

Soft drinks, cigarettes, alcohol: 10% tax

Bottled water: No tax

Clothing: 5% Tax. This can then be split for the governments share, and for a fund to create incentives to keep business here.

Jewelry, electronics, pleasure goods: 8% tax. These are not required but are accessories.

Gas: 5% tax total. Required, but more people will drive and take vacations if gas isn't more expensive then the hotel.

Cars/Trucks/SUV's: Sliding tax bracket from 5% to 12% based on gas mileage and price. Cheaper more fuel efficient will be taxed at the lower end. This will hopefully eliminate single people from driving large vehicles that are a waste of space.

4 Wheelers, jet skis, motorcycles, recreational vehicles: 6% on these, but allow tax rebates for every time people use their recreational vehicle to participate in a clean up of trails/waterways.

So much more could be done and by no means are these numbers in stone. Just a general idea of how the tax structure needs to be re-worked in this country. We need to keep jobs here, and we need to be competitive.

In summary, financial reform is a broad sweeping job that should not be rushed and bull headed through like health care was. It will take careful analysis, thought, and work from both parties to make it successful. And please remember this. Any additional load you put on corporations, unless you close every single loophole, they will pass it on to us.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

House Cleaning Time

Yes, its that time of year, spring arrives, bringing with it pollen, insects and politicians. Early voting is taking place already for some races and in some areas.

However, this year is an election year like no other. The president, house, and senate are all facing record low approval ratings. Our President is more intent on blaming the previous administration then actually fixing any problems. Our beloved senators and representatives are more concerned with their career then the opinions of the people who voted them in.

In this, they have made a mistake. The American people, quite frankly, are fed up with the way the government has been acting for really the past 20 or so years. Each year we slip further and further from who we are, what we are, and where we were. Our economy is collapsing, jobs are fleeing across the borders, while immigrants are illegally entering. Healthcare reform was rammed down our throats even while wild promises are made and floated by on breezes.

I propose here and now, it it time to clean house. For the next 2 years elections, every incumbent is voted out. Its time that as Americans, we send the message to them, do your job or your career will be very short. Start at the city/local level and move up to the top, voting them out left and right. It doesn't matter if you vote for a republican, or a democrat, or even an independent. What matter is that the message is sent to them, no more. We will stand for this no more.

And when you new mayors and governors, senators, police chiefs and staff take your oaths and your office, do so knowing you are being watched very closely. Know that we want our freedoms back, we want our soldiers back, we want our economy back. We want government bailouts to quite going to corporate America and instead if you so choose, go to the people of America. We want to technologically move forward to reduce dependency on foreign oil. We want fairness for all people, not special treatment.

This election, please get out and vote. Send a peaceful message to Washington, to your state, to your city. Do not get involved with violence, that time is not here. Violence will only cause more violence, and retaliation, and newscasters belittling your true intentions. Let your vote do your talking.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meet and Greet Candidates

Tonight at the knoxville expo center on clinton highway and merchants drive there will be a gathering of aspiring politicians. Mayor and governor candidates among them.

So, here is some questions that will be asked to some of you, questions I have concerns about, and questions I think need to be asked.

Governor Candidates:

1. What is your plan to start rebate programs similar to those in California for purchasing electric/hybrid vehicles.

2. What is your plan to start a rebate program similar to those around the country for installation of solar/alt energy sites?

3. Do you plan to try a state income tax? Why or why not?

4. What is your plan to bring in new business to Tennessee?

5. What is your stance on those who live in the state, who are here illegally?

6. How are you going to ensure graduating Tennessee high schoolers are prepared for college?

For mayor candidates

1. Are you willing to do what it takes to bring tourism to knoxville such as chattanooga has done?

2. Are you willing to look into alternate energy and electric fleet vehicles?

3. Are you going to prioritize the school system?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tennessee Governors Race

Tennessee's governors race is beginning to heat up, and as usual there is a full range of people running. We have everything from politicians, to lawyers to retired doctors.

I will begin keeping track of the candidates, posting about them and their goings on, but will especially be giving special attention to the independents and the ones without the large campaign funds, without the big names, who may be a better choice.

The country itself is struggling currently, so states need to make sure business is taken care of at home. Personally myself, and many people I know are sick of government lies, hiding issues, stepping around issues, and completely screwing the people over.

Tennessee like so many others is facing the same problems. Unemployment, immigration, drug problems, crime, loss of farmland, loss of industry, and general loss of the way of life.

What I want to see in a governor is one who understands and listens to the people, who won't spend state money for frivolous endeavors, who will work hard to bring industry to the state, and will work to make the state a clean, safe, beautiful, and energy efficient state.

Tennessee is in a unique capacity for leading the country in energy efficiency. This is in a large part to the research facilities in the Knoxville area. The University of Tennessee, Electric Power Research Institute, Tennessee Valley Authority, Oak Ride National Lab, and so many others are leaders in technology innovation, energy savings, energy production, and research. The new governor needs to realize this and work to bring the focus of the East Tennessee area into bringing in more industry and research. We need, as a state to develop and pursue alternate forms of energy, define and establish a recycling program that is not a hodgepodge of other left over programs. We need to focus on families, providing help for those that need it. We need to push for land conservation, and continuing to embrace and protect the Smoky Mountains.

We need to look forward while embracing our past. We need to build the future on the building blocks of the past. We have so many strengths as a state, it will be a shame to let them go to waste.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Revenge of the truthers

All across conspiracy boards truthers are in fits of joy. Somebody was seen on msnb shout 9-11 was an inside job.

What is a truther do you ask? Well, a truther is a self proclaimed seeker of truth concerning 9-11. They believe all sorts of things, from mini-nukes in the towers, to bombs, to cheney controlling it all, standing down norad, etc etc.

I am not going to waste my time addressing the nutjobs and nutcases, so will reference them here. Now, the sad thing is a lot of the people that believe this, now believe that Obama will be the chosen one who will bust open this scheme and expose the rotten government for what they are. Yet another group of people placing their religious faith in an untried, unproven candidate. He is not the messiah people, he is a politician. In 4 years from now, will you still feel the same? I have no doubt he will make an impact, it just won't be as severe as y'all think.

And the truthers? Don't try to argue with them, they bring up 1000's of webapges from self professed experts and believe them all. And heaven forbid, dont point out the contradictions between them.