Thursday, July 26, 2007

Global warming

Wow, seems its always in the news. Some agree, some disagree but according to recent studies the earth has warmed up by a few degrees the last 100 years or so. Honestly, based on how careless we are with the environment, its a miracle we have a planet left. Is it part of a natural warming cycle? Is it due to the deforestation, pollution, and general disregard of the environment we have?

More then likely, it can be a combination of both. What then can be done to slow it down, stop it, or even possible reverse it?

As an individual, what can be accomplished is small, but as a nation, it can be huge. Little things that can be done to help the environment, conserve energy make a big difference in the big picture.

Lets start at home. Check your home, look at windows and doors. Do the seal properly? Do you have one or two windows cracked open while the AC is blasting? Close them! Seal the cracks around the window. If you need to get a new door or window, look around for energy saving ones. These seal better, and insulate better. Check your insulation. Is your home properly insulated? Temp control is another. If you don't already have a programmable thermostat, get one. Make sure when you are not home( if you have a normal work time) that you drop that temp down. No sense in the house staying 70 degrees all day while nobody is there. Drop it down to 76 or 80 even. Have it revert to your preferred temperature 30 minutes before you come home. Sign up for green power through your local utility. It may be a little more expensive, but you are still doing your part. Replace some light bulbs with more efficient light bulbs. Keep lights off in rooms you are not in. Plant some shade trees around your house.

What about the driving? Car pool when you can. As if gas prices are not incentives enough, carpooling is better for the environment. Keep you car tuned and up to date to reduce emissions as much as possible. When possible, roll down the window, take the convertible top down. Spare the AC on your car as much as you can. Take public transportation. Most public transportation uses some form of bio diesel, which is better for the environment.

Get involved with a group the helps the environment. Plant trees, take some time to go to a national park and see what we risk losing if things are not fixed. At your neighborhood home owners meeting, bring up the subject, get neighbors involved. Write your congressman and explain your concerns. Keep updated on legislation coming that address the issue. Be informed.

All we can do is our part at the moment. Until those in charge make sweeping fixes, or supply money for alternate fuel/energy, we the little people must lead by example.

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