Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Michael Vick: The disgrace

Absolutely pathetic. I do not know which is worse, his actions, or the NFL's. They finally prohibited him from attending training camp, but he should be out of the NFL. As should all the others who have used drugs, committed crimes, or acts of domestic violence.

Why in the world do we put these spoiled brats on such a pedestal. From the first time they show promise in a sport, they are pampered and forgiven. They get out of punishments, get slaps on the hand for crimes that would land the majority of the country in prison, and basically get worshipped. Regardless of whether or not they wish to be role models, by the very path they have taken, they become one.

Michael Vick has had a good career, albeit rather over rated in my opinion. Now, it should be over. Who wants to explain to their kids not to do something, when it is shown on tv that not only do celebrities do it, but they get away with it!

Dog fighting! Not only is it illegal, its immoral. Dogs are loving companions, and should be treated as such. Making any other sentient being fight for our enjoyment is wrong, disgusting and should be shunned.

Why do we pay these people millions of dollars a year, yet fail to pay police, firefighters and teachers the same? Are they not saving lives, and instructing our next generation? Who do we want our children idolizing? A teacher who taught them what they need to know? A policeman who risk his life daily for our protection? A firefighter who sweats and trains to save our kitten from a burning house? Or a rich entertainer who gets away with criminal acts?

I know my answer.

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