Monday, July 23, 2007

Presidential Candidates

Its never too early to start sniffing, exploring and looking for information on these people. One of them will be the new president. The more that is known now, the better informed our decisions will be.

A few pet peeves I have. Don't make a decision based on one fact or stand. A lot of people make their decisions based on abortion or gun control. Hey, thats all well and good, but a candidate needs to be chosen based on overall stance and opinion.

Political party. Honestly, who cares anymore. Both parties cross party lines based on the issue. Both parties have their own agenda. Look to the person. Look for the person strong enough to unite both parties for the importance and preservation of the country.

Being ill informed. Honestly, this just raises my hackles. Who cares if their daddy was president, or senator, or their name sounds familiar. Investigate the person. Don't take anything for what is reported. All media has bias, all reports will be biased one way or the other. Check the source, check the information, verify it, and then look at the big picture.

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