Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You tube-Cnn debate

Tough questions were asked, by people from all over the country. Using You tubes video, and CNN's broadcasting, the Democratic presidential candidates were spotlighted in yet another debate. The questions that were asked cut to issues the candidates had no answer for, or did not want to give answers for.

From questions ranging from reparations from slavery, to womens rights, a lot of topics were covered last night. None of the candidates would give a straight answer, they would merely briefly address it, then go into a long tirade about something else. Anderson Cooper had to remind them several times last night to stay on topic.

Going into the debate, Sen Clinton has the lead, with Sen Obama and Sen Edwards following.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Had a few good moments. He had the others squirming on the Iraq issue, by showing he had never ever supported the war. Personally, I havent checked this out yet, but doubt he would make this obvious of a lie in a debate.

Gov. Bill Richardson: He appeared weak and undecided for the most part, his biggest stand was on bringing the troops home by the end of 2007 with no exceptions. Guess he wants it cleaned up before he gets in office so he does not have to deal with it.

Sen. Joe Biden: He made a few enemies by indirectly supporting the war, and not wishing to bring the troops home immediately.

Sen. Chris Dodd : Not a big show either. He seems to be in the same boat as Biden and Gravel. Making a show to get his name out there, and people to remember his name for the next few years.

Sen. Mike Gravel : Absolutely butchered the minimum wage question. Lost points in my opinion.

Sen John Edwards: Had a few moments of nervous posture, especially during the gay marriage issue. Other then that, had a relatively strong showing.

Sen Hillary Clinton. Polished and smooth. A little too polished and smooth. She appeared afraid to smile at times. She was without a doubt the most polished speaker, but no emotion or passion, just speaking words.

Sen Barack Obama: In my opinion, came out on top of this debate. He spoke with confidence, stood with confidence, and had passion in his voice. It was close between him and Sen Clinton, but I think based on the passion, and some of the very tough questions he was asked, he gets the nod in this debate.

Republicans have their You tube-Cnn debate September 17th. Will be most interesting to see how they handle it, especially with one question on the mouth of most votes being, why do we want four more years of republican control?

This debate was a refreshing debate, a new style, a new format, and questions asked by real Americans, not professional journalist. For a link to the complete transcripts go to Cnn.com

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