Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack Obama King of Obamalot

King Arthur, the legendary king of Camelot has been reborn as Barack Obama, king of Obamalot. Sounds rather silly, and I agree, but the name is catchy. It has started to catch on in blogs, even some press articles.

Why the hype? Do people believe in Obama the man? Or do they believe in Obama the politician. There is no doubt the man is one of the greatest speakers in recent memory, possibly even surpassing Bill Clinton. Or have we just become so used to the past 8 years that anybody that can string together sentences with passion has become such a relief? Obama has this ability to inspire, to make people feel what they think they have been missing. He can bring tears to eyes, cheers to throats, and normally impassioned people talk about him with a fever bordering on fanaticism. Like King Arthur of old, he speaks about change, equality, salvation. But to date, that is all he has done, merely spoken the words. Pretty words, words that people want to hear, but words none the less.

Obama's more fervent followers have an almost fanatical approach to them. Mention one word against him, and they attack, rabidly tearing out your throat. It is border line a religion. This can be quite dangerous. Passion can only carry so far, at some point people need substance. People need to see or hear that within the first three months, this is what he is going to do, and how he will accomplish it. Then a 6 month plan, and a 1 year plan, and so on and so forth. For so long all we hear is what is wrong, and how candidate A is better then candidate B.

I watched Obama's speech last night, then re-read the text of that speech this morning. It is a totally different experience reading without observing his gestures, hearing the inflictions in his voice, and observing the crowd. In black and white, he didn't have a lot if anything concrete. Oh he mentions cutting government spending, eliminating this or that, but no mention how. His ideals on energy are very similar to McCain's, though neither candidate will admit it. They both will continue the war on terror. They will both push for nuke energy, clean coal, and alternate energy. There is a difference concerning Iraq, but more in the fact of a timetable versus no timetable.

When election time comes, I truly hope people vote with their heads, and not their hearts. Take the time to review each candidate, their past, their voting record, their experience, and what they say now. Remember they are politicians, and will say what they need to say to get elected.

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