Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Republican VP

Alaskan governor Sarah Palin has been asked and has accepted the VP nomination with John McCain. In my opinion this was a very risky political move. She is relatively young, inexperienced, and has ties through her husband to oil companies. I understand the thoughts behind a female VP, but why not a more experienced one?

John McCain is relatively old, and not in the greatest of health. This means if anything were to happen to him, this untried governor would suddenly find herself the president. She is in her first term as governor, even less experience then the media's golden boy, Obama. Biden will more then likely destroy her in the VP debate.

The one thing he did do by choosing her, is took race and gender( hopefully ) out of the equation. One way or the other this is a historic election, and will see either the first female VP, or the first non white president. Hopefully race will not play apart of this, either for or against either candidate. It needs to be focused entirely on the merits and stances of both candidates.

Governor Palin is currently in some controversy in her home state involving the mishandling of a fired state employee. Depending on this plays out, and believe me, the media will go after it, will also have an impact on the election.

Quite an unusual choice, one that will bear watching in the coming weeks.

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