Thursday, April 29, 2010

Help Americans with a Credit Act

All these bailouts and reforms keep getting passed and yet middle and lower America still struggles. Banks have money to lend, but now nobody is good enough to borrow money.

The majority of Americans have no idea what their credit score is, what makes a negative account, what makes a positive note, and how to fix or increase their mysterious credit score.

So lawmakers, how about you tackle this one. Make effective immediately free credit reports on demand to all Americans, with their score listed. This paying for what is being judged against us is wrong. Not once a year, not twice a year, but any time we want to see them. Its our scores, our records, we have the right to see what the villainous evil bankers and credit industry are doing to us.

Now, lets go one step further. In our credit report(oh, and only 1, having 3 different ones is a waste of time and money) beside each and every account there is a description of what that account is doing to our score, what can be done to improve that account, or what needs to be avoided.

The credit industry needs fixed, here is all it takes. Let us see what they see, and let us know how the numbers add up. Simplified for all Americans from all backgrounds. Once Americans can see their report, see their score go up, know what to do and how to fix it, you will then see banks loaning money and Americans spending money. But not the Americans of yesterday. The new American who is savvy and understands and can view their report at anytime.

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