Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Immigration Law in Arizona

People are in an uproar because of the new immigration law in Arizona. What people are not realizing is because of the drug wars, the drug and human trafficking; any border town is a nightmare and an unsafe place at the moment. The administration is not doing anything to prevent illegals from entering this country.

I have no problem with people who want to come to America; however, all I ask is that you take the time to do it legally. I am fully aware of how bad the situation is on the other side, but at the risk of sounding jaded or cold, that’s not the concern of the border state governors. Their main concern is keeping their residents safe.

The biggest concern is so called “racial profiling”. Now, if police or border patrol went up and arrested every person with Latin descent without due cause that would be a crime and a violation of the very rights we have as American citizens. Asking for identification is not a violation of your rights.

As Americans, we want safety and security, but we forget that its not always easy to achieve. We are soft and complacent. If the federal government would do something about illegal immigrants, states wouldn’t have too. Arizona is looking out for their own since the feds won’t.

Let’s look at something else. Because of 9/11 every American who flies has to provide identification, submit to all sorts of degrading searches, and even be treated like a criminal. Some people grumble, but in their hearts they feel safer.

So why do the legal Mexicans in Arizona not feel safer because of this identification process?

Why the outrage over this? And is there really a true outrage or is it just another speaking point or political point. It was ignored until the law passed. How many people knew about the drug wars, drug trafficking and human trafficking that was going on before this bill passed. How many still don’t?

This is another sign of our failing government.

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