Thursday, April 15, 2010

House Cleaning Time

Yes, its that time of year, spring arrives, bringing with it pollen, insects and politicians. Early voting is taking place already for some races and in some areas.

However, this year is an election year like no other. The president, house, and senate are all facing record low approval ratings. Our President is more intent on blaming the previous administration then actually fixing any problems. Our beloved senators and representatives are more concerned with their career then the opinions of the people who voted them in.

In this, they have made a mistake. The American people, quite frankly, are fed up with the way the government has been acting for really the past 20 or so years. Each year we slip further and further from who we are, what we are, and where we were. Our economy is collapsing, jobs are fleeing across the borders, while immigrants are illegally entering. Healthcare reform was rammed down our throats even while wild promises are made and floated by on breezes.

I propose here and now, it it time to clean house. For the next 2 years elections, every incumbent is voted out. Its time that as Americans, we send the message to them, do your job or your career will be very short. Start at the city/local level and move up to the top, voting them out left and right. It doesn't matter if you vote for a republican, or a democrat, or even an independent. What matter is that the message is sent to them, no more. We will stand for this no more.

And when you new mayors and governors, senators, police chiefs and staff take your oaths and your office, do so knowing you are being watched very closely. Know that we want our freedoms back, we want our soldiers back, we want our economy back. We want government bailouts to quite going to corporate America and instead if you so choose, go to the people of America. We want to technologically move forward to reduce dependency on foreign oil. We want fairness for all people, not special treatment.

This election, please get out and vote. Send a peaceful message to Washington, to your state, to your city. Do not get involved with violence, that time is not here. Violence will only cause more violence, and retaliation, and newscasters belittling your true intentions. Let your vote do your talking.

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